About Us

“If you have will, dedication and consistency in what you wish to achieve, nothing will stop you from being successful.”
Goshali Group


With the amendment of constitution being made on 2023 BS, all Nepalese thrived for the development of the country and business couldn’t stay far from it. Amidst all these, one of the stores named as Annapurna Store at Pension Camp, Rambazar, Pokhara took shape and came into existence.

The idea of this group started with the footsteps of its chairman, Mr. Sushil Kumar Goshali, who came up with the idea of enhancing his family business of grocery and clothing stores from Cyamin, Dharampani, Tanahun when he was still in his teens. 

Annapurna store functioned under the partnership with Mr. Krishna Prasad Karmacharya which was later renamed as Goshali Trading Company with the sole ownership of the chairman in 2029 BS. It was in 2033 BS when the chairman decided to diversify his business from Rambazar to Mahendrapool. During this time, National Trading Corporation acted as the distributor to Goshali Trading Company. Though his initial venture was focused on clothing and grocery items, he took the business to a whole new dimension by embarking on a business of textiles which went by the name Goshali Textiles Factory on the same year where clothes were knitted in powerloom. 

Goshali Dhakatopi: As ‘dhakatopi’ remains an integral part of the society and Nepalese identity, Goshali Dhakatopi was established in 2034 BS which kept on serving customers till 2064 BS. Goshali Dhakatopi was able to set the benchmark in business for three decades.

Goshali Color Lab: Goshali Color Lab started its business in the year 2043 BS. Being the pioneer in this field in Western Development Region, this color lab earned a reputation for quality products and customer service by offering a wide array of unique medium in terms of photo processing and printing alternatives.

Goshali Packaging Industry: A one of its kind, Goshali Packaging Industry is the pioneer in Western Development Region and was ranked eighth amidst eminent packaging industries in Nepal. This industry focused on the manufacture of cartons from papers. This industry later went by the same name and was diversified on a large scale in 2054 BS.

Om Finance Limited: Om Finance Limited is one of the pioneer and leading finance companies of Pokhara. Registered in 2054 BS by the group of highly reputed and skilled board of directors, Om Finance Limited started its operation on 2057 BS after Nepal Rastra Bank provided License as finance company. Located in NewRoad, Pokhara, this finance company has been trying to uplift the economic condition of the country, establish economic favour to every individual, utilize the freezed capital of the  country and focus on upgrading the economic policies of Nepal till date.

Goshali Departmental Store: 2060 BS was a turning point for Goshali group as it further extended sale of a wide range of products from electronic goods to home appliances and what not. Moreover, grocery was included in 2076 BS. Goshali Trading Company was renamed as Goshali Departmental Store.

Goshali group offers its services and products through dealers, distributors, retailers and suppliers. Today, Goshali has succeeded to stand out from the crowd and aids in the overall economic development of nation. Moreover, it also aims in contributing to the society by donating 10% of the total income to the charities. With the tremendous progress, Goshali continues to lead, even today.