Why choose MIT? It’s All About Support

It’s All About Support
MIT has found that with the right support, students have a better chance of succeeding. This includes one-on-one support from lecturers and tutors, active monitoring from staff, peer-assisted study, communication skills workshops and mentoring.

Find more about about MIT Student Engagement Programs (MITSEP)

High Quality Holistic Learning
MIT’s student-centered approach fosters also the non-curricular skills which provide a solid foundation for life success, in class and beyond, including encouraging perseverance, good study methods , learning strategies, and adopting the right mind-set and social skills.

Smaller Class Size
Our class sizes are smaller than traditional universities. Smaller classes mean more individual attention and better interaction between the lecturer and students.

Trimester System

  • Our trimester system has a number of advantages;
  • it allows students greater flexibility to balance work, study and lifestyle commitments;
  • it allows students to spread their load across three trimesters to lighten the load;
  • it allows students to fast-track their 3 years degree in 2 years for those who want to accelerate their studies.

Magnificent Locations
Our purpose-built campus, in the newly-refurbished and iconic Argus building , combines decades of history with the best contemporary facilities, right in the heart of Melbourne. Similarly our facilities in Sydney are in a heritage building and also right in the heart of Sydney.

Greater Career Outcomes
MIT’s teachers are selected based on their excellent academic knowledge and industry experience in the subject they teach. In addition, all our courses are designed and developed in consultation with the industry which means that the resultant program encompasses technical, communications, problem-solving and leadership skills reflecting the realities of today’s workplace. This, in turn, ensures that MIT graduates are more employable. MIT Career Center supports this transition in providing guidance by developing your workplace skills, planning a career path and understanding the job market and altogether assisting you to get a head start for employment in your career choice.


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